Short Term Care

Kahl Home offers short-term rehabilitation care to individuals who need 24-hour nursing services following an illness, surgery, stroke or neurological problem. The short-term rehabilitation care supportive services will prepare individuals to make the transition from hospital to home.

The goal of short-term rehabilitation is to help the resident return to their prior level of functioning in their own home, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility or with their families. Like long-term care, Kahl Home approaches rehabilitation in a holistic manner, providing physical, occupational and speech therapies, social services, dietary, nursing and pastoral care and daily life enriching activities.

The plan for discharge begins when an individual is admitted, so rehabilitation can focus on what the resident must be able to do in order to return to their normal routine at home. Families of short-term rehabilitation care residents are welcome to observe therapy sessions and discuss questions or concerns with the therapists directly.

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