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Great Opportunity for a Certified Med Aide/C.N.A.

Certified medication aides are nurses' aides first, and must have a strong grasp of basic patient care.

The medication aide's role is providing routine daily medications, either prescription or non-prescription, to patients whose condition and drug regimen are stable. The aide has a list of patients and medications each day, and must administer medications in the indicated dosage at the correct time.

When they're not actively dispensing medications or preparing medications for the next set of rounds, certified medication aides revert to the duties they share with other certified nurses' aides. Those consist of basic hands-on nursing care, such as bathing and feeding patients, helping them with toilet visits and basic hygiene, or supervising their participation in exercise or physical therapy. When functioning as a nursing aide, the aide is supervised by practical or registered nurses.

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6701 Jersey Ridge Rd, Davenport, IA 52807