• Two female nurses assisting an elderly patient in a wheel chair with walking in a physical therapy room. Exudes emotions of assistance, comfort and help.

We’re here to help you

Over the years our staff has helped numerous residents and families navigate conversations, questions, and guidelines for admittance to a senior living facility. We know sometimes these decisions are difficult and they take time and planning. We want to help you begin the process and we want you to know we’re here as a resource.

Recognizing when it’s time

If you’ve begun to notice a loved one is starting to need additional help or struggling from health concerns, you may want to consider a senior living facility. 

Talking with your loved one

We know the conversation can sometimes be a difficult one. We’re here to help. Our experienced staff can help you find the words to say to bring comfort to your loved one during a difficult time of transition. 

Female nurse working with a female patient on a computer dementia test. Exudes the emotion of assistance and comfort,

Understanding Kahl Home’s services

Talking with your loved one about Kahl Home can make a difference. The services we can offer and the amenities we provide differentiate us from other senior living facilities. Coming to Kahl Home is joining a loved-filled community.
two female nurses speaking at a kitchen table with a male patient. Exudes a feeling of community and comfort.

Navigating financial considerations

With our staff’s years of experience, we are prepared to help you talk through financial considerations. We can also help you talk about it with your loved one. We want to help you understand a holistic financial picture. 

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